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I recently used Lisa for a personal family case, that she resolved for $650,000.00 dollars. Lisa was very professional but also made me feel like a friend. She treated me like I was her only case and she was in constant contact with me from day 1. Lisa fought hard for us and she never gave up on us. She guided from through the whole process and explained every detail, so I understood what was happening each step. I highly recommend Lisa our case was over just under a year. As happy as I am this part is over, I’m going to miss her weekly calls she makes you feel like family. You can’t go wrong with Lisa she is the best at what she does!

-Joy T.

Lisa represented me when a car made an illegal turn in front of me while riding my custom vintage Harley Davidson, and hit me. The accident put me in the hospital after recovering from a fracture and surgery. Lisa not only fought quickly to recover a settlement for the full $100,000.00 dollars of insurance coverage from the car owner who caused the accident, but she took the time understand the value of custom motorcycles and the labor warranted to build them. She was able to get me the full appraisal value of my custom vintage Harley, including the value of custom parts, so that it could be restored to its former beauty. She was unstoppable.-Rocky M.

As a soda fountain mechanic, I was delivering a vending machine through a parking lot when I stepped in a pothole and twisted my knee and needed knee surgery. The defendant property owner's attorney made an offer before trial of $25,000.00 dollars, however Lisa said it wasn't enough, and we should let the jury decide. She gave us the confidence to turn it down, and we are so thankful we did. The Jury awarded us $373,303.00 dollars that included my time lost from work, medical expenses, and an award for future pain and suffering. 
-Joseph A.

Lisa Kessler is my Guardian Angel. When my car was hit from behind, my whole life turned upside down. I was an athlete my entire life. At the time I was teaching swimming, but loved to play soccer with my boys, and was a scratch golfer, and a personal trainer. When my No-Fault cut me off, Lisa worked with my doctors to allow me to continue to treat with them over the last 3 years. When I needed neck surgery, I had to cancel it because I didn't have enough to pay for it. The defendants' lawyers were not offering me enough money to pay my doctors what I owed them, or to pay for the surgery I needed. Lisa told me to have faith, and to hold out for a mediation with a Judge. When Lisa got the lawyers at the mediation to raise their offer at the mediation to $590,000.00 dollars, I still couldn't believe it. Lisa cares, and treated me with such respect, she always returned my texts or calls right away, and made me and my family sleep at night knowing she was fighting for my rights.

-Wafa J.


I highly recommend Attorney Kessler for any personal injury case. She is true professional that is honest, attentive and keeps you up-to-date on all details of your case. She offers meaningful insight and advice, presents the information in a way that is easily understood and manages every detail with great care. You're in excellent, capable hands with Attorney Kessler. 

-Dayna D.


I was involved in a car accident where the other driver had only the State minimum of $20,000.00 dollars in injury coverage. I was fortunate enough to have Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist coverage of $100,000.00 dollars for this very instance! I hurt my shoulder and needed surgery and did not have health insurance. Attorney Kessler was able to quickly recover the other drivers policy limits, and was able to compile a list of the cost of my future surgery, anesthesia and post operative therapy from my surgeon, his team, and from the physical therapist who would treat me. Attorney Kessler knew I had no health insurance to pay for it, and would not stop until she got me the additional settlement from my own carrier so I could cover the cost of the surgery I desperately needed. She settled my claim for the total amount of insurance avaialable of $100,000.00 dollars so I could pay for the procedure I needed. She was always available for me 24/7 and was a great friend to me as well while going through the process.

-Maria M.


   was a passenger in a taxi that was hit in the rear by a by another driver. My face hit the back of the front seat and a broke two teeth and needed root canal. The driver who hit us had insurance with Allstate of only $50,000.00 dollars. Lisa refused their offer of $15,000.00, and continued with the trial. I felt confident with all of her advice. After she picked the jury, thier offer went up to $25,000.00.  After I testified, and was able to tell my story to the jury, the attorney for the driver who hit me offered up all of their insurance of $50,000.00 dollars. She did a great job!




I was involved in a horrible car accident where I injured my shoulder badly and needed physical therapy and an MRI. Attorney Kessler had represented me years ago with respect and dignity, and treated me as if I was her only client. She was always in contact with me and made me feel cared for.

When I called her for this accident, she met me immediately at my home since it was hard for me to travel.  As soon as Attorney Kessler found out that the car that hit me had very little insurance to cover my medical bills, she immediately put my own insurance company on notice that the responsible driver was underinsured. 

Within four months of my accident, Attorney Kessler settled with the driver’s insurance company who caused my accident for the entire amount of their policy limits of $20,000.00 dollars, I had additional coverage of $30,000.00 dollars.  Within a month later, Attorney Kessler not only made sure that none of my doctors would send me to collection while my cases were still going, but she resolved the second leg of my case for the maximum amount of available insurance for a total of $50,000.00 dollars, and negotiated what was left of my medical bills with my doctors.  Attorney Kessler is the most compassionate, efficient and responsive attorney out there, who truly cares about her clients. No one will fight harder for your rights than her!

-Doreen C. 


I highly recommend Attorney Kessler for any personal injury case. She is a true professional that is honest, attentive and keeps you up-to-date on all details of your case. She offers meaningful insight and advice, presents the information in a way that is easily understood and managers every detail with great care. You’re in excellent, capable hands with attorney kessler. - Chris W., Middlebury, CT

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